We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our offer of a 330 liter isothermal dry ice container. Thanks to materials and moder technologies used during construction process , this container is fully resisted to atmospheric conditions. All steel parts are galvanized. Our products are equipped with metal fittings and two possible variations of  four wheels configurations : two rigid  and two swivel with brakes or four swivel (two with brakes).  They are adjusted to be lifted by forklifts. All of our products have the TÜV Nord Polska certificate. If you are interested in different capacity , please check our isothermal containers that hold up to 150, 220 and 600 liters. We provide all information about our products, services and warranty.


External dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 960

Internal dimensions: 990 x 600 x 610

Capacity: 75 kg

Capacity: 330l

Carrying capacity: 280 - 290 kg

Factor K: 0,22

container 330l