Dry ice is used not only for cooling.
In fact its use is dependent on imagination
and individual needs. Used in, inter alia:

Transportation,of food, pharmaceutical products
and chemical, where play an important role
maintenance of low temperature products
and prevent the fungus and bacteria from developing.

Catering,to keep the food low
without the need for mechanical devices.
The characteristic feature is the absence of side effects
in the form of water resulting from the melting
Ice water.

Cleaning, where the sublimation process of dry ice
removes the contamination from the data
surface without side effects
and air pollution.

Laboratories, for freezing preparations
biological and cooling of superheated apparatus
research without the risk of a short circuit.

Metal foundryas a binder.

Shrink the metal parts, so that you can
it was folded, for example when inserting the shaft into the bearing.

Fire protection, to eliminate oxygen
from the combustion zone of the electrical installation, at the same time
cooling area of ​​the hearth.

Greenhouse,crops, using carbon dioxide
to improve the process of photosynthesis..

01/ Environment friendly
02/ Temperature: -78.5 * C
03/ Nozzles
04/ Non-flammable
05/ Indifferent taste
06/ Natural product
07/ Non-toxic
08/ Sublimation in gas without residue